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Project Management

Our Complete Project Management Service

You have a construction or renovation project, but you do not know where to start? You can count on EnSpeco and be stress free! Take advantage of the multidisciplinary skills of our specialists who have more than thirty years of experience in the field. Our service includes taking charge of a construction or renovation project ranging from the preliminary estimate to the completion of the construction site until the delivery of the end-of-project documents. For small jobs and for big ones, you can count on us.

Our Team of Engineers and Experts

EnSpeco is a recognized leader in construction and renovation project management. We support our clients throughout the project with a wide range of integrated consulting services. Our team of expert engineers accompanies you from the planning in to the delivery of the works and ensures that each step is carried out according to the rules.

What does the project management service include?

EnSpeco offers a management service from A to Z for your construction or renovation projects. Our expert engineers oversee the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of your project. Wealso ensure the seamless coordination of several sectors (design, finance, construction, landscaping, etc.). Our consultants review and validate your project’s engineering and architectural drawings and even verify invoices. We also ensure the monitoring of your renovation or construction work for a site without any worries.

What kind of projects we manage?

EnSpeco is proud to offer its expertise in project management in the private and public sectors. For more than 30 years, we have overseen renovation, construction and real-estate development projects of all sizes. Our broad range of consulting in the construction industry is aimed at building owners and managers who face real estate challenges. The scope of the work exceeds you? Entrust the management of your project to EnSpeco’s team of experts and be stress free.

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