Enspeco Team

Discover our team specialized in building inspection and project management. Whatever your need, they will accompany you and direct you to the best option. Consult us for more information about EnSpeco and its experts!

KEVIN LANTAFF, ENG. Engineer and building inspector


Kevin Lantaff is one of the founders of EnSpeco inc. His years of experience in building inspection and unique academic background makes him a specialist in structure and inspection of buildings of all ages, building maintenance, security concepts, energy consulting and construction management.

Over the course of his career, Kevin has been involved in more than 3,000 projects. He has worked in both building construction and building inspection as well as energy efficiency assessment. Kevin has also worked in the condition assessment industry in the commercial, multi-residential and residential sectors.

Kevin Lantaff is a graduate of Concordia University in Engineering and has since been developing his knowledge to help people make informed and thoughtful decisions. This expert in structure and building inspection never stops perfecting his skills in order to guide his clients towards enlightened decisions. Kevin is an active member of the Quebec Order of Engineers (OIQ), the Association of Quebec Building Inspectors (AIBQ), a certified Energy Efficiency Advisor as part of the Rénoclimat Energy Efficiency Program of the Office of Efficiency and of the energy innovation of the Quebec Department of Natural Resources, as well as a Level 1 certified infrared thermographer.

GARY BLOOMFIELD, ENG. Engineer and building inspector


Gary Bloomfield is one of the founders of EnSpeco inc. He is an active member of the Quebec Order of Engineers (OIQ), a member of the Association of Building Inspectors of Quebec (AIBQ), a certified energy efficiency consultant under the Rénoclimat program of the Office of Efficiency and the energy innovation of the Quebec Department of Natural Resources and a Level 1 certified infrared thermographer.

Following his studies, Gary has accumulated several years of experience and completed more than 3,000 evaluation. He has worked in energy efficiency, building inspection, grant application and condition assessment. He works with both residential and multi-residential property owners as well as with the commercial sector.

Gary also teaches a residential construction course at John Abbott College. Engineer down to his fingertips, he is distinguished by his rigorous approach and attention to detail. He is an outstanding building inspector with expertise in building materials, systems, general maintenance and safety concepts.



Roy Dalebozik is an experienced engineer in all aspects of construction planning and infrastructure. He’s as much into the design, the construction and the questions of exploitations of the buildings. Roy is fluently bilingual and has a great technical background. He is known for his creativity, his problem-solving skills, his perseverance and his negotiation skills. During his professional career, Roy has worked in the following sectors, gaining valuable experience : property management companies, owner services, forensic engineering in the federal government, environmental management (asbestos and decontamination of mold), building restoration, appropriate diligence, life cycle economic analysis and energy optimization.

He also served as Director of Mechanical Facilities at McGill. He managed the master plans. deferred maintenance, construction, preventive maintenance, maximum operation, infrastructure and energy use.

RAYMOND RICHARD,  ENG. Structural Engineer


Raymond Richard is a building inspector and training engineer. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Construction Technology. From his professional background, Mr. Richard has many years of experience in various fields and projects. He has a solid background in project management, construction and renovation. He has also worked in the maintenance of buildings of all kinds in the industrial, commercial and residential. For example, he supervised small to medium-sized projects in Quebec and the maritimes.

Today, he brings together his diverse knowledge to optimize the efficiency of the structural engineering service and during major projects related to commercial inspections. In addition, you will quickly see that Mr. Richard makes a point of advising you with precision, transparency and smile. Contact us now to learn more about this engineer and building inspector.


Inspector of French drains and drains

John Raskelis joins the EnSpeco team for the inspection of French drains and drains. A graduate of the School of Construction Trades, Mr. Raskelis has evolved as a plumber for more than 10 years, occupying various positions over time. He practiced the art of plumbing for various small to large projects. Subsequently, he earned a diploma in Building Inspection from Vanier College.

His hybrid career makes him an inspector of sewer drains and complete French drains. He remains very alert to possible anomalies in the systems surrounding these areas. In addition, his expertise is highly appreciated by clients. John is known for the quality of his advice and his ability to communicate clearly. The accuracy of his reports and his warm customer service are also part of his arsenal. Contact our team to find out more about their journey. Benefit from his expertise now.


  • Infrared thermography, level 1 certification
  • Members of the Association of Building Inspectors of Quebec (AIBQ)
  • Members of the Quebec Order Engineers (OIQ)
  • Certified energy efficiency consultants from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Innovation of the Quebec Department of Natural Resources


The engineering rings that adorn our fingers are not there for aesthetic reasons. They remind us of the responsibilities we have for the users of the structures we create or inspect.