Blower Door Test

Need a blower door test?

Your house is leaking air? Do you notice heat loss or ventilation problems? Perform a blower door test to find out if your building has air tightness problems.

Enspeco offers a turnkey blower door test service, offered by specialists. Our experienced inspectors work with state-of-the-art equipment to offer you precise measurements. They allow you to quickly identify areas where air leaks and heat loss occur. Take advantage of the recommendations of our specialists in sealing and insulation. This will prevent temperature changes caused by air leaks and minimize energy and financial losses from infiltration.

Did you know that our specialists offer the blower door test in residential, multi-residential and commercial buildings? Choose EnSpeco for a full service blower door test that is fast and efficient.

What is a blower door test?

The blower door test is the way to verify that a building is waterproof. Simple and effective, it identifies areas with air leaks and measures the amount of air see ping in to a building. The blower door test is therefore essential to prevent air infiltration and energy loss.

How does a blower door test work?

The blower door test is quite simple. Its operation is based on a waterproof door system, which includes a fan between the inside of the building and the outside. The calibrated fan pressurizes and depressurizes the building and simultaneously measures the pressure and the air flow.

The measurement is expressed in CFM50 and ACH50. The CFM50 is a unit that refers to the number of cubic feet per minute that the airflow passes through the fan to create a pressure difference of 50 Pascals. Why 50 Pascals? This is the pressure difference from the inside to the outside created by a wind of 32.2 km/h (20 m/h) also blowing on outside surfaces. The measurement obtained is converted into ACH50, which is the number of renewals per hour at a pressure of 50 Pascals.

For completely waterproof homes, the measurement obtained is 1.5 or less. A watertight house gets a figure of 1.5 to 3.57 and a building with a medium seal, a figure of 3.57 to 4.55. Finally, a non-waterproof building gets a measure of 4.55 to 10.35. As a general rule, properties with a recent construction date should be watertight.

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